Pantene to the Rescue


Summer is the season for travel, swimming and sunbathing but with that comes a lot of hair issues! I have been struggling for the last couple months with dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Between my constant jet setting, and living in the dry desert heat, it has definitely weighed in on my hair.  What woman wants dry brittle hair?  Definitely not me! It is the absolute worst! My hair is EVERYTHING. 

The combination of heat from styling and UV exposure can take a toll on your hair. Thank goodness for the Pantene Pro- V Intense Rescue Shots, that I know will completely transform my hair in just one minute. I couldn’t express enough how much I stand by Pantene. I've used it since I was a little girl, and believe in every single one of their products so much. I use their Sheer Volume shampoo and conditioner 2-3 times per week!  After being on a plane half of July and constantly in Hot summer sun, I definitely neglected my hair a lot while I was traveling which is why I wore it up half the time! Was kind of embarrassed at how unhealthy it has been looking!

Thankfully, Pantene challenged me to go out and participate in the things I love and sent me a box of the Pantene Pro-V Intense Rescue Shots to take with me while I go on my travels! I am currently packing for another epic month-long summer trip to Europe! LONDON > IBIZA > MYKONOS> AMALFI COAST are all on the itinerary, and it is HOT HOT HOT in all of those places. I will definitely be spending a lot of time on an airplane once again!


From here on, I will only treat my hair with all the love it deserves. I am so ready to have soft shiny healthy hair after Pantene’s Intense Rescue Shots! A single dose-tube contains a deeply absorbing blend of Pro- vitamin B5, strengthening lipids and the natural glycerin that targets the damaged areas to give hair the flexibility and resilience it needs to endure styling and environmental stresses - like travel! How-to-use First, shampoo! I am currently using Pantene’s Sheer Volume Shampoo. Then, you’re ready for the Intense Rescue Shots! - Use weekly in place of your normal conditioner - While in-shower, apply generously to fully saturate the hair from root-to-tip - Consider where your hair sees the most damage and be sure to target that area.


The product was formulated to prevent overdosing so unlike other hair treatments, no need to hold back! It is a single-use! - Leave in for 30 seconds -Rinse for 30 seconds (don’t over-rinse!) I brought 3 along with me on my trip and encourage you all to take the challenge with me too! Use the hashtag #PanteneToTheRescue to show me your before and after photos. The Pantene Pro-V

Intense Rescue Shots are available at Walmart!

This post was sponsored by Pantene


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