express days at the Broad

Luckily living in LA the summers here
are definitely prolonged so jeans
and bodysuits
are my go-to uniform for frolicking around in the heat! I partnered
with Express for this look of a
burnt orange body suit paired perfectly with skinny jeans. I really
love the lightweight feel and slim fit that you can easily dress up
or down!

Moving to Downtown LA has been quite
the change, surprisingly enough it is not an easy part of town to live in. The streets are not very clean, and the homeless population is incredibly sad – this is  something that I am not very used to, but it builds character and I have learned to love it so much1

Some of  the most epic resturants are downtown such as Bestia, Baco Mercat and My neighborhood bar Artisan House. I also LOVE to shoot content for my social media and blog DTLA.

There are so many great bars and resturants there are so many inspiring aspects to
Downtown for a creative nut like me, The Broad Museum being one of
them! I like to spend a couple hours every month there to walk
around, have lunch and just collect some inspiration from all of the

One of my favorite pieces in the museum is Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room. This installation is extremely limited , and not all visitors can visit it, so I highly suggest getting to the museum early before it opens, and or making an appointment before hand .
The mirror lined chamber and seemingly endless LED lights inspires me to feel that all possibilites in life are endless. Never give up on your dreams or sell yourself short. One is always capable of much more that you can even imagine! I have always followed my dreams, and to see many of them come true is a blessing!

If you are ever in and around the  downtown LA area I would HIGHLY suggest taking a visit to the broad, and checking out The Infinity mirrored room. Installation will only be able to be viewed till October 2017, so you still have some time!

This is how I get
inspiration to #ExpressLife, how do you?

Thank you to Express for partnering on
this post.

Mid Rise Extreme Stretch Jean Leggings
by Express

Eleven Deep V-Neck Halter Bodysuit
by Express

Fringe Zip Flap Cross Body Bag
by Express

by Express  


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