top 10 favorite flared denim

I have dropped skinny jeans for now, why? because 1. flares are back, and 2. they make my legs look incredibly long! Flared jeans definitely gives you the illusion of thinner longer legs as you can see from this photo! You would never believe that I am actually only 5’4. Below are my top 10 favorite picks for some groovy denim!


Yes ladies the flares are back with a vengeance and I am nothing but stoked about it!

Check out my top 10 picks for flared denim!



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  1. Myrtle Joyce's Blogsite
    September 30, 2016 / 7:18 am

    Love your flared denim pants! Yes, I have a pair of flared bootcut denim jeans in a closet, too, and it gives the illusion of my thinner, longer legs, because I'm usually 5'3 and a half 😀

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