Favorite Summer Skincare

Ok so I wanted to share with all of you my go to SKINCARE PRODUCTS that I hauled with me to Ibiza! I knew it would be extremely hot and humid and my skin would need intensive care! Here is some of my new discoveries that I absolutely LOVE and will continue to use and HIGHLY recommend – these products used usually at bedtime! Post sunscreen of course! 

Since I completelty forgot my actually purchased this Clinique Anti Blemish Foam Cleanser here in Ibiza ( I forgot mine 😉 is a  super mild and light weight cleanser that prevents blemishes and redness that I tend to get from the sun , clears away access dirt and oil from facial sunscreens and leaves skin super soft and smooth!

Hydrochloric Acid + Vitamin C Serum  is A MUST HAVE – it is clinically proven to produce collagen and reduce fine lines – not to mention the Hydrochloric acid is vegan 😉 I am obsessed!! Use after cleanser! other suggestions below on product thumbnails.

I have been in search of a new serum for a while so I picked up a small sample size of the DIOR ONE essential Super Serum as the humidity and dry air is rough on my skin – super serum detoxifies , regenerates and restores – I will definitely be purchasing the full 1oz bottle.

I accidentally stumbled upon EYES by To go Spa at my local beauty supply and am instantly hooked! Keeps my eyes tired eyes completely hydrated , moisturized and refreshed!  Being paraben free it is great for the thin delicate skin under the eyes! LOVE it

For an all round body moisturizer that lasts Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour although VERY thick it Works!!  especially for dry flaky skin – I usually apply before bedtime!

Look forward to more beauty posts!!!

Happy Friday!

xo Racquel

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