Caviar Hair Discovery

Believe it or not I do not use very many products in my hair, and am never consistent with up keep – I color about 2 times a year – wash 3 times a week to let natural oils sit – blowdry 3 times a week and curling/straightening iron 2 x a week. This was an impulse purchase since I have been neglecting my my poor hair for quite some time now. Coming into summer I decided to put some highlights in my hair – so a deep treatment is a must before doing some damage tomorrow!

ALTERA CAVIAR MOISTURE MASK -Anit Aging for the Hair? who would have thought! This is  a highly recommended deep treatment to use about 1x a week for about 10 minutes before washing your hair – it will protect from any UV and environmental damage.

 Believe it or not I applied a small amount throughout my hair just before going to a Hot Yoga class! I promise with the Caviar extract and Vitamin C ingredients this mask will leave your hair shiny, silky and smooth!

ALTERA CAVIAR ANTI AGING CREAM is best used after towel dried hair for best results use after post styling!

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