Gran Canaria with Stoned Club

posted on: Thursday, October 5, 2017

I always Love pushing the limits and trying something different. Last year I was introduced to the most talented dynamic duo, Luis and Theresa aka Stoned Club. 

They were more than hospitable to host me in their hometown, and was super fortunate to stay with them during the summer to shoot this amazing lookbook for Vanilla Swim 

Hope you love the vibes as much as I do

xo Racquel Natasha


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  2. You are really talented and i love that how you have maintained your body and your fitness.It was nice reading your post.Keep it up!

  3. Your photos look soooo amazing!! I love the ambiance and the elegance. But in all seriousness, your body is smokingggggg. Thank you for the inspiration. so glad you got out of your own comfort zone.

    - Kitty Rodriguez