Votivo Home Fragrance Giveaway

posted on: Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Candles by Votivo do not only enliven the room and atmosphere with vitalizing floral scents, they also add a gilded chic to your interior. Votivo's brand new Red Currant Collection is a variety of nine candle styles varying in size and style. I love the cutting-edge style and soft gold hues of the Metallic Elegance candle, the Red Currant Collection however varies from sleek chic to rustically raw, fitting your mood and style! 

Let your fashion be inspired by Votivo. Share one of the images and comment on which Votivo fragrance you would like to try. Five lucky winners will receive a candle from Votivo!!!

Shop my favorite Votivo candles below!



  1. I wish I could smell these candles through my computer screen, haha!
    I'm sure they all have a lovely scent but -OHHH vanilla, I'm your slave.. I simply cannot resist it, it is the best smell on our mother Earth! Also, I feel like candles are perfect for winter season - and yeah.. summer is just around the corner and no one wants to hear me talk about cold weather and etc. BUT lighting a candle on a rainy day when it's freezing outside just makes me feel really happy.. :) Sooo my candle of choice is Velvet Night ♥