8 Beauty Products I cannot live without

posted on: Thursday, February 25, 2016

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With March just around the corner - I wanted to share with you guys 8 beauty products that have been a part of my everyday for 2016 so far! 

I like to switch up my products, but there is just one beauty essential that I just cannot live without. Vaseline has been a part of my everyday lip regime for many many years; why? because it provides long lasting moisture. clinically proven to heal dry lips. I put it on throughout the day at home, and before bed every night, but nothing for on the go. Until now!

These little tins have been a complete lifesaver, it has been tough for me to bring a big tub of vaseline around, so these gems are perfect for the purse!

 Not to mention Vaseline works as a great eye makeup remover as well! 

 Funny enough when I was 2 yrs old my mother found me in her bedroom  covered from head to toe in Vaseline! Needless to say it took hours to wash it off of me!

Loving all of the different flavors the cocoa butter is my favorite! Get yours at Target

For  Hydrated Skin: Herbivore Rose hibiscus Coconut Water facial spray - My skin has been super dehydrated lately due to the bi polar weather here on the west coast - so a good facial spray is a must. Perfect to use following your morning and night routine to lock in moisture!

For problematic eyes: 5 in 1 eye cream - For the most part I am sleep deprived and was in desperate need of an all in one eye cream, this little bad boy smoothes, firms, brightens, and nourishes skin leaving that subtle look under the eye area. Best used before bed!

For Clear Skin: Kate Somerville gentle daily wash cleanses and conditions your skin. Helps to remove makeup and unclog those pore! I use this morning and night :) this cleanser always leaves me refreshed.

For Pretty Nails: Zoya nail polish in AVRIL - finally a nail polish that lasts! yes can you believe it! Zoya stays on for longer than two days! This color is perfect for spring.

For a fresh scent: Victor and Rolf Flower bomb - Flowers always have the power to make everything more positive. This scent is painfully addictive as I have been using it for about 4 years now. Needless to say I AM OBSESSED.

For Bigger Lips: Buxom: A lip plumper that really works! I use buxom plumping gloss after I apply Vaseline for a pop of color! 

For instant Repair: First aid beauty oatmeal mask - this 10 minute fix heals your dry skin instantly achieving soft subtle results! I use this about twice a week.

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Ultra Hydration with Argan Oil x Moroccan Oil

posted on: Thursday, February 4, 2016

I am notorious for being lazy especially when it comes to my hair, because there is just so much of it! A lot of people ask me ... how do you get your hair so long ? what do you use to keep it looking so shiny and thick? how often do you wash it? 

Today I am partnering with Moroccanoil to share an amazing pairing.  It has been about 6 years now that I have been using Moroccanoil  products on my hair. 

Why? Because,  Argan oil  is found in every single one of Moroccanoil products. Did you know it has been used for centuries as an old age beauty secret by women to help hydrate and soften the hair, face, body and nails!

I only wash my hair about 2x maybe 3x a week, allowing the natural oils to develop. Over washing can leave your hair extremely dry and dull especially if you color it. 

Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner is rich in antioxidants and is extremely gentle. You can almost feel how moisturizing it leaves your hair feeling after rinsing. Not to mention its Sulfate, Phosphate, and Paraben Free!

Once you get out the Shower towel dry your hair so it is a bit damp. Heres a little mixology that I have discovered: Mix all natural PURE Argan Oil with Moroccanoil Treatment about the size of a quarter and run it all through your hair especially on the ends where it tends to be the most dry. Be careful not to apply to much so your hair wont be left too oily.

Step 3: I swear by this brush. It travels with me everywhere , and is the only round brush I use to style my hair ! 

The Ceramic 55mm Moroccan Oil Round Brush enhances your drying time and leaves the hair extremely shiny and smooth especially effective for medium to long length hair like mine!

Voila! Here is the final product! 

Tip:  PURE Argan Oil is 100 % natural, so  I use a tiny bit, and I mean a very tiny drop and lather all over my face before applying my tinted moisturizer! it really gives you an extremely glowing look! Extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This post was sponsored by Moroccanoil 

xoxo Racquel
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top 10 favorite flared denim

posted on: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

I have dropped skinny jeans for now, why? because 1. flares are back, and 2. they make my legs look incredibly long! Flared jeans definitely gives you the illusion of thinner longer legs as you can see from this photo! You would never believe that I am actually only 5'4. Below are my top 10 favorite picks for some groovy denim!


Yes ladies the flares are back with a vengeance and I am nothing but stoked about it!

Check out my top 10 picks for flared denim!

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