Na Xamena

posted on: Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ahhhhh ......Pure Bliss.

 After Spending 4 weeks in Ibiza with family and friends it was so nice to getaway for a few days with Tim. We checked  into the most secluded and remote hotel about 30 minutes outside of Ibiza town - Although it was raining cats and dogs upon arrival - I was taken back by the most impeccable view suspended  500ft above sea level. 

I would most definitely recommend the "cascada suspendidas" - A water circuit  treatment located on the peak of the cliffs each consisting of 8 pools targeting different areas of the body!

Hacienda Na Xamena see you next summer!

Thank you for the most amazing Birthday My Love 

Besos xo Racquel


  1. Can you please write some recipe on smoothies and food? Would love that!

  2. Just kidding, everybody know its Avicii :*

  3. Where is your tunic from? Very pretty.